Kitonb is a centre of creativity and production, able to offer both artistic conception and “turnkey” implementation of shows and events that are put together ad hoc and often exceed the wildest dreams of its exponents.
At every stage of the project, the creative process never loses sight of the practical, technical and financial feasibility analyses. In this way, Kitonb has operated for fifteen years in the most sensitive places in the world with public and private institutions, staging shows and events that have thrilled millions of people.

The driving force of the creative phase are the ideas and the visual analytical capacity of Angelo Bonello who, with his unique stylistic approach, manages to combine high artistic value with pure entertainment. Kitonb projects “explode” between heaven and earth, developing over huge areas where gigantic installations, flying scenery, choreographic sequences by dancers-acrobats and special-multimedia effects create three-dimensional works able to completely enrapture the audience.

Kitonb possesses the expertise and human resources for the general coordination of a production, from the creative stage to executive production (including executive planning, production, preparation and staging).

The followed are devised during the creative stage:
• the concept;
• direction;
• scenery;
• artistic casting;
• sound track;
• choreography;
• lighting design;
• video/animations (2D and 3D);
• video mapping;
• costumes and makeup design;
• special effects.

The production stage, in addition to directly managing the implementation of the creative stage, includes:

• financial and legal MNGT;
• international contract MNGT;
• management of the HR (artists, technicians and labourers);
• management of supplies and procurement;
• technical MNGT(video projections, mapping, lighting, sound);
• supervision of the staging;
• location preparation design;
• logistics and transport, vehicles and people, in & outbound;
• public safety MNGT;
• interface with public administration.