The Tree of Life

prog Carillon

The Tree of Life is a temporary installation project of environmental art.

Created with eco-sustainable technologies, it offers the host city a cultural event of celebration that is of interest to the national and international media, able to draw the attention of the media and hundreds of thousands of people. The Tree of Life, if there are no obstacles, can be admired at night from kilometres away and from the air, in flight, with evocative images in the city’s skyline. As far as compatible with technical and safety constraints, the spectator has the opportunity to pass through the interior of the base of the sculpture to enjoy the sensation of the immense, luminous volume.

The opening of the Tree of Life will be an experience of hitherto unknown dimensions: every line of luminous fibre will create, in tune with the original music, specially composed for the occasion, a real dance of lights leading to a crescendo that will culminate in the total illumination of the sculpture. The opening cycle, with an indicative duration of 3 minutes, can be repeated at regular intervals or associated with a particular event or specific occasion, for example, Christmas.

The Tree of Life is an idea by Angelo Bonello.

phases Conception of the Work
type Outdoor
place Urban environment
means 60 mt support trellis
lights More than 5,000 mt of LED tube
other Lighting in synch with music track
directing staff 6
technical staff 10 + 20
6 months
1 month