Il Luxometro is a temporary work of environmental art.

The work has been promoted by the Municipality of Rome and sponsored by ENI-Italgas to mark the Notte Bianca cultural event of 2006. The element chosen to create this project was the largest of the four Gasometers of Rome, one of the most interesting monuments of industrial archeology of the 20th century. Protected as heritage of historical and environmental value, with its 92 metres of height, it stands out in the city by day and disappears into the dark by night.

In order to reposition the Gasometer in the urban panorama through an artistic intervention, the industrial structure became a sculpture of light by means of the application, along its entire “metal body”, of more than 10 km of continuous luminous fibre, made up of more than a million LED diodes in three luminous lines lit in an order synchronised to the rhythm of the music.

The installation – powerful and minimalist – was visible for ten nights from several kilometres away, standing out against the urban panorama and distorting normal perception. It is calculated that more than 2 million people saw it.

The “Luxometro” project came from an idea by Angelo Bonello.

phases Design and installation, supply of the LED lights
departments Artistic direction, direction, lighting planning, audio service
type Outdoor
place Gasometer, cylindrical structure with a diameter of 60 x h90 mt span>
lights 10 km of LED tube (30kw and 200v) purpose-built
other Creation of the control software and synchronising of the luminous lines
directing staff 6
technical staff 22
guest of honor W. Veltroni, P. Scaroni, A.Mondello
3 months
1 month