Love Like a Movie 2013

prog Carillon

Love Like a Movie 2013 is the show-concert of the Nigerian pop star, Darey Art Alade.

The show was staged in Lagos, Nigeria on February 17, 2013.

The concert becomes a visual spectacle on many levels with live performances by international artists and local stars. In a scenographic setting that becomes a real theatrical machine, acrobatic dance choreography and performers alternate and are revitalised in a whirl of costumes and images. The visual mosaic is completed with imposing video mapping and 3D animations on the 50 metre triple-screen.

The various scenes of this show tell the story of a man (Darey) experiencing the various stages of love in his life. His fantasy embellishes the details, his memory reconstructs dreamlike moments creating a blend of reality, fantasy, words and music that passes from a heavenly world to an infernal scenario and ends in a triumphant finale.

The project of this show-concert arose from a rewarding dialogue between the musician Darey and the director Angelo Bonello, in which the dreams and passions of the pop star found completion in the stylistic approach of the Italian artist.

phases Conception, script and executive design; production supervision and staging
departments Direction, choreography, scenery, costumes, lighting design, 2D and 3D mapping, special FX
type Indoor
place 54 x 100 metre theatre (seats 5,000)
stage 4x18xh8 mt wall; 2 side walls of 4x18xh8 mt, all moveable and furnished with double projection plane
costumes More than 150 costumes
lights 500 lights
video 5 video projectors for 130,000 ANSI lumens
lights 500 lights
Special FX Pyrotechnics, kabuki, gigantic latex balls
directing staff 9
artistic staff 50
technical staff 4+100
guest of honor Kim Kardashian
3 months
2 weeks