Love Like a Movie 2014

prog Love like a movie

Love Like a Movie 2 is the 2nd edition of the Darey Art

The show was staged in Lagos, Nigeria on February 15, 2014.

It’s the new chapter of the long lasting dialogue between the pop star Darey and Angelo Bonello. This year the super Guest Star Kelly Rowland joined this show event that gathers annually African and international Pop Stars on Lagos stage.

Set in a real three-dimensional machine, the concert is developed by integrating the music track with a mix of images, choreography, 3D projection mapping and lighting effects, offering the audience an ever seen show.

Acrobatic acts, on stage and aerial, strengthen the charm of the show, where dancers move on a stage designed as a giant multi-level light sculpture, built with buzzing cubes.

Once again, the artistic alliance between the protagonists and their staffs confirms its winning results They worked in full harmony to led the fusion of African and international the highest standards.

phases Conception, script and executive design; production supervision and staging
departments Direction, choreography, scenery, costumes, lighting design, 2D and 3D mapping, video playout, special effects
type Outdoor
place Open Space 6.000 mq (audience 8.000)
stage Multilevel stage 30x25h12 m, made by 283 light cubes 1 x 1.5m
costumes More than 200 costumes
lights 622 lights
video 6 video projectors for 160,000 ANSI lumens + 2 led screens
special FX Pyrotechnics, kabuki, smoke pot, bunjee jumping
directing staff 11
artistic staff 60
technical staff 8+100
guest of honor Kelly Rowland
3 months
2 weeks