Carillon – the flight of time – is an urban theatre show.

Carillon has been staged in 200 cities in more than 30 countries and on 4 continents.

A huge rotating metal parallelpiped, crisscrossed by a mesh of 600 metres of elastic cable, becomes a surreal Carillon, the central scenery of the show, from which the story emerges and the choreographic and acrobatic performance of the dancers develops. Spectacular, moving scenic machines, operating on several stages, gigantic flying scenery suspended 80 metres in the air by hydraulic crane and choreographic sequences by dancer-acrobats all create a three-dimensional spectacle that totally engages the audience. The soundtrack of the Carillon show ranges across epochs and cultures, from electronic to mantra, from orchestral fugues to primordial voices, all combining to form a sophisticated, powerful soundtrack. A complex lighting design envelops the entire work in various colours and leads the spectator on a dreamlike journey that culminates in spectacular special effects and dizzying leaps into the void.

The leading actor, leafing through the Book of the Universe, marks out the narrative of the show, in which the four seasons alternate as the synthesis of the divine and temporal container of the “Age of the world”.

Angelo Bonello is the creator of this show that ranges from his own personal experience, from acrobatic dance to the new climbing circus, from song to recitation.

phases Concept, design, production and staging
departments Direction, choreography, scenery, costumes, music, video, lighting design, special effects
type Outdoor/indoor
stand 10x12mt
means 80 mt crane
scenery Vertical structure 6 metres high, with 600 metres of elastic and flying scenery for more than 200 cubic metres
costumes 4 sets for 10 artists
video  27 videoproiettori
lights 24 portable 1200w heads
SFX Pyrotechnics, kabuki, bungee for jumping, smoke machines
directing staff 6
artistic staff 8/10
technical staff 5
guest of honor Rosie Wiederkehr
3 days