Ballerina  is a tribute to the dream of all little girls who, through movement and art, aspire to reach infinity. The Artwork is just made of light, in terms of constituent tool, and reproduces, in a lighting sequence of the silhouettes, the hypnotic cycle of a ballet, in sync with its soundtrack. The observer is absorbed, almost hypnotized, by this gigantic carillon thanks to some features that will sparkle his attention to the unconscious level. The stroboscopic effect recalls the sequence of shots in a photographic memory, made of meaningful visions, even if never completely perceptible, something like dangerous turns curves highlight. The millimetric observance of the relationship with the rhythm of the music connects to the elegance and softness of a real dance, while the cyclic nature recalls infinity as a repetition of desires, never ending love, eternal sunshine and life. In this dreamlike context BALLERINA keeps repeating steps and pirouettes, without ever stopping, almost oblivious to the urban context, made of paths, balustrades, street lights and benches hosting it, through the glares of the sea, in the gentle hug of the city.