About Us

Kitonb arose from a meeting in 1998 between Angelo Bonello and Alberta Nunziante as an extreme theatre company: both active performers, they began a process of experimentation in aerial dance and the heightened dramatisation of artistic performance. After a number of years, they left the stage to devote themselves entirely to devising and producing spectacular shows. Profitable collaboration with Fabrizio Minasi, begun in 2005, helped Kitonb become a workshop of projects and spectacular events that have thrilled millions of people worldwide.


au bonelloBorn in Turin, Angelo Bonello spent the first 25 years of his life on a long journey of discovery of nature, culture and art. He explored forests, climbed mountain chains and travelled to Paris, Brussels, Hamburg, Moscow, Barcelona, Seville, Lisbon, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. He developed an interest in Impressionism and the martial arts, abstract art and sports climbing, techno art and the new circus. Over the years, he developed a visual capacity and stylistic approach based on the dimensional distortion of the scenic space and the landscape. In 1997, he moved to Rome and, with Alberta Nunziante, founded Kitonb; to date, he has devised, created and directed more than 150 shows and artistic events in 300 cities worldwide.  



Born in Treviso to a family of keen painters, Alberta Nunziante devoted herself to contemporary dance, the theatre and painting, studying first at art college and then at a graphics institute. She had a short but intense career as a prima ballerina in London in the world of musicals and then in Rome with various dance and theatre companies. In Rome, she got to know Angelo Bonello, saw his artistic potential and decided to work alongside him to give structure to his talent. Together they founded Kitonb, of which she is the CEO and General Manager and which has more than 500 events to its credit in 40 different countries.


minasiA seventh generation citizen of Rome, he graduated in architecture there and opened a design studio. In parallel, he edited radio programmes and organised shows, concerts and exhibitions. In ’97, he entered television production, initially on musical programmes and then prime time shows. He collaborates with the Telethon Foundation on the television fund raising marathon. He loves the sea, music and fine dining.



Born near Lake Garda, Elisa graduated in the History of Theatre in Milan. She loves the mountains, David Bowie, books and contemporary art. In 2008, she was awarded a diploma in directing at the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “Silvio D’Amico” staging Jean-Paul Satre’s “Mort Sans Sépulture”. Part of Kitonb since 2010, she works alongside Angelo Bonello in the creation and preparation of events and shows. She has two cats.


rosiOriginating in Pietrelcina, Rosy graduated in Political Science from Rome’s Sapienza university. During her studies, she worked in the field of market research. She loves the music of Frank Zappa, classical art and craftsmanship, travelling but not tourism. She joined Kitonb in 2009 to handle the marketing but soon carved out a central role in organisation and logistics. She has a son of 7, called Damiano.



A native of Turin and a chronic traveller who never goes below an average of 150,000 kilometres a year. He does go below in one sense though – he is an artist of the deep, always diving without breathing apparatus, he loves the sea at least as much as mathematics, books and the cinema. He ascribes his work to no specific school and considers himself self-taught, notwithstanding intensive studies at the music conservatoires of Turin, Milan and Paris. A ghost writer and composer for more than 30 years, he is always under pressure but knows how to come up with that special, eclectic poetry that has seen him work with Luciano Berio, John Cage, Tonino Guerra, Brian May, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Milva, Ravi Shankar, Britney Spears and many others. Friends have called him Davì since his mission became the cataloguing the work of the oriental mystic Davi Lama (1st century B.C.), from whom the name Bandavì was adopted for the ensemble with which he produced the sound track for Kitonb.


rosiBorn in Trieste, he attended Rome’s Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and founded the Teatro del Disgelo (Theatre of the Thaw), a theatre-dance company that stood out for its vision in the era of the Roman summer of the 80s. He pursued a career in cinema and collaborated with Citto Maselli, Ugo Gregoretti and other directors. He worked in RAI as writer and director in the Promotion and Image sector. He worked as a writer for RAI UNO on the main early Saturday evening programmes, including those featuring Giorgio Panariello, Gianni Morandi, Raffaella Carrà, Milly Carlucci and Fabrizio Frizzi. He worked with Pippo Baudo on various programmes, including his last two appearances as compere of the Festival of Sanremo. Gentle, with shamanic inclinations, basically cheerful, tenacious, he loves to write. He could not live without music.

GUSTAVO GABRIEL GABETTA – AGENT for Argentina and Brasil


Born in Rosario (Argentina ) Gustavo discovered music and painting as a child. At 16 he began his professional career as a musician and at 20 moved to Europe living in Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany for 40 years. He traveled 5 time the all world performing with different bands and singers as Paul Carrack, Miguel Abuelo and Bee Gees in their last tour as a Opening Act with his own group “G.G.Gabetta Bar” . He composed music for films and Theater. He gained extensive experience in all matters related to the production of big shows and Public Relations working as a musician. Due his experience In 1991 he started to produce live Shows and big events all around Europe and South América. Currently lives in Argentina